What are best practices for using the calendar in OWL?

Did you know you can set up assignments so students can automatically see them in the calendar? How about changing the view of your calendar so important assignments have a particular colour?  Have you set up your OWL calendar so you can see it on any of your devices?  Check out the tips below for more information.


Enter important grades into the calendar by clicking the checkbox when creating forums or assignments.  Gradebook, assignments and forums can also have due dates added to the calendar when creating a new item.


Each participant, if permissions are set, can adjust their own calendar options.  For example, this calendar shows a monthly view, with due dates in Red.  However, by clicking Options, you or your students can choose colour schemes and calendar views that best suit you.


Beyond OWL, calendars can be viewed from all of  your devices. You (and your students) can subscribe to the calendar in your OWL course site, or can subscribe to the synoptic calendar displayed on the OWL home page.  

Subscribing to OWL Calendar

Find the ‘Calendar’ tool in OWL by going to the ‘Home’ button and selecting ‘calendar’.  In the menu bar on the top, find the ‘publish’ option (see image to the right), which will generate the web link necessary to import your OWL calendar into an external calendar.

Adding OWL Calendar to Outlook

For example, to add your OWL calendar to your outlook calendar, copy the link generated by OWL (like the bottom one in the image to the right) and go to mail.uwo.ca to Outlook and click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the left-hand column to see your Outlook calendar.  Under the calendar in the left-hand column, click ‘import calendar’.  Click on the second-last option in the left-hand column “from web” and paste in the url that was generated in OWL and choose a name for the calendar. You should now see your calendar events from OWL.

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