How do I embed multimedia objects in OWL?

Embedding multimedia learning objects in OWL provides you with a way to increase the interactivity and engagement of your lessons. Many resources available on the Internet can be embedded directly into OWL (e.g. YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio files, Kahn academy videos), allowing students to access and interact with the object without leaving the Learning Management System.

Using the lesson plan tool in OWL, you can also "remix" a variety of learning objects on a page to create your own multi-media lesson.

The following video tutorial will walk you through the steps required to embed multimedia objects in OWL.

In short…

  1. Find the embed code for the material you want to embed
  2. Copy the full embed code
  3. In the OWL lesson tool, select “Add content” and then select “Embed content on page”
  4. Paste the URL, deleting the rest of the code
  5. Select save!