How do I design and translate course content to the online learning environment?

The SAMR Model

The SAMR model was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentendera and provides instructors with a way to evaluate the incorporation of educational technology into their online classroom. SAMR is an acronym for 4 levels of technological integration: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition. The SAMR model provides opportunity for instructors to reflect how they integrate technology into their instructional practice.







Aligning the SAMR model with Bloom’s Taxonomy may assist instructors in reaching higher level learning outcomes and can act as a drive to reach the upper levels of SAMR. This alignment can also provide a guide for introduction of technology in the classroom.

Want more on online lesson design?

Consider signing up for the TSC’s Instructional Skills Workshop Online. This 6 week course is offered annually and is designed to address the needs of Western Instructors that teach online. 

 Western’s eLearning Toolkit has many tools which can be used to develop engaging and effective online lessons.

Open Educational Resources are openly licensed and freely accessible resources for teaching and learning. Sources for OERs include:

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Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons


Technology, SAMR and Learning
SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy: Assembling the Puzzle

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