How can I create an online lesson?

Investing your time in designing engaging lessons and creating an interactive learning environment helps your learners better retain course content.  This resource will assist you in development of effective online lessons to engage your online learners.

The major building blocks of your online course

Give learners an overview of the lesson so they can keep the whole picture in mind as they travel through the content.
Learning Outcomes
For an online lesson, course learning outcomes are important, since the instructor is not there to fill in the gaps for the learner.  Learning outcomes are statements that define the knowledge, skills and values students will gain by participating in a lesson.  
Lesson Plan
The BOPPPS lesson planner is aimed at increasing student engagement and deepening student learning. This model helps to ensure constructive alignment between your learning outcomes and your teaching and learning activities and assignments. BOPPPS is useful for planning short lessons or segments of longer lessons, which is ideal for online learning, as lessons divided into shorter segments tend to increase student engagement.
As the BOPPPS model reminds us, a summary at the end of the learning is a great way to reinforce the key concepts covered. 

Components of the BOPPPS Model

Resources for Creating Learning Outcomes

Create measurable learning outcomes

Consult this resource to assure that you are creating learning outcomes (centred around a measurable verb) that will in fact demonstrate the desired achievement.  

Bloom’s Taxonomy for deeper learning outcomes

A list of measurable verbs adapted from Bloom’s Taxonomy is provided in the second resource below.  Consider how your learning outcomes move from simple recall to deeper learning as you progress through the chart to the ‘create’ category.  


For BOPPPS templates and more information, consult the following resources:

BOPPPS Model for Planning Lessons


Strategies for Designing an Online Course


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